When I started Blog with Benefits, it was just a blog about my life. We're talkin' menial updates on what I was eating for lunch. Then one day I got the idea to unload my dating horror stories, and for some reason, my friends (and my mom) really liked reading about my misfortunes (hi mom). So, because I had a fan club of four, I kept doing it. For the laughs, of course. And now, a handful of years later, I write about it all: dating, love, break ups, creeps, whatever's on my mind.

I continue to write about this stuff, as if the world needs another dating blogger, because I hope people can learn from my mistakes or the mistakes I see others make. Or maybe someone who reads my stories can find humor in it all and finally feel okay. Because it's ALL GOING TO BE OKAY! Cyber hug.

Beside this blog, I live in LA, work in social media and enjoy the little things: art, cheese and wine, and exercise, jk, I love chocolate.

You can see some of my stuff on HelloGiggles, SheKnows and The College Crush and please reach out if you want to be friends, tell me my point of view sucks, or if you just want to say hi @JessicaDruck.



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I do partake in:

  • Sponsored content: I believe the best way to reach readers is through valuable and meaningful editorial. If you're a brand interested in sponsored editorial, let's chat! For example, I've worked with brands like Hello Oral Care in the past.
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I do not partake in:

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