A few years ago I read an article in the New York Times about a list of 36 questions that are bound to make any two people fall in love. Or perhaps more in love.

The article piqued my curiosity, so over drinks one night, I asked my husband these questions, and after being together for almost six years, we learned a few things about each other we didn't know.

A Shopping List Clueless Cher

  1. One dozen sheet masks
  2. Siggi's yogurt
  3. A gold pendant necklace with my therapist's initials engraved on it
  4. A circular straw tote because I'm eclectic 
  5. Tickets to see Haim
  6. Whatever iPhone that has Portrait Mode
  7. A jade face roller. I hear they do wonders.
  8. A 5 ft fiddle leaf tree. I won't kill it.
  9. Linen bed sheets
  10. Linen dish towels
  11. Linen toilet paper. Do they make that? Would be nice.
  12. A red 1987 Mercedes convertible
  13. Tito's
  14. Topo Chico
  15. One 90 minute massage at The Now. Heard it was life changing.
  16. 24k gold hoops in sizes small, medium and large
  17. Mules. All kinds.
  18. Non prescriptive glasses. I don't want anyone knowing I have 20/20 vision.
  19. A face mask called "Summer Fridays" because lol
  20. Cropped jeans. All washes.
  21. A sound bath
  22. A few units of Botox. It's preventative. 
  23. Magnum ice cream bars. Bloggers eat them so I think they make you thinner.
  24. A weekend in Joshua Tree to rediscover myself
  25. A dry brush
  26. Laser hair removal everywhere
  27. Eyelash extensions to enhance my natural beauty
  28. A pack of mango La Croix
Do you take credit?



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