Naomi Campbell Valentine's Day

  1. Flowers sent to our work so everyone knows just how much you adore us.
  2. To be told we are beautiful, heavenly mortals. And that we look really thin.
  3. To be gushed over on Instagram with a pre-approved image of our liking.
  4. A heart-shaped box full of chocolates. And again, to be told we look thin while we eat them.
  5. Applauded for our youthful, fresh-faced glow. Our skin that is like that of a newborn. Then handed a
  6. $100 gift card to Sephora.
  7. A heart-shaped pizza. Just because.
  8. A Hallmark holiday movie marathon even though it's not Christmas.
  9. A kitschy item from a Valentine's Day pop-up shop on the street so we know you care.
  10. To be remarked as smart, intellectual beings, and again, very thin.



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