Throwback: Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's Wedding

Since I am in full on wedding mode, I thought I'd throw it back to one of the most iconic TV weddings of my childhood, and arguably of all time: Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's.

Like all truly good fashion, I'm sure it's only a matter of months – or perhaps weeks  – before this look comes back in style. Speaking of which, can we take a moment to reflect on that veil?

Throwback: Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's Wedding

In realness, I can't imagine our current minimalist society ever bringing back such an over-the-top trend, but if and when we do, I'll be ready. I've got my mom's dress that fits the bill.

I'll leave you with this, but do note that I'm certain the reason her veil was so large was so she had something to wipe her tears with during this:



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