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Raise your hand if you kept a diary that housed your deepest, darkest secrets (RAISES HAND HIGH)!

When I heard about Mortified, an awesome podcast about people reading their diary entries publicly, and on purpose, I had to hear it. I had only recently dug mine out after a move and lamented over my own tween tribulations, which for the most part consisted of entries about my crushes that were signed with a Lip Smacker kiss, when all those gross feelings of teenage angst came rushing back.

My diaries came in all shapes and sizes: once I tried to emulate the one from Harriet the Spy using a Mead paper notebook and some gel pens. Another time I shared one with friends that we'd pass back and forth between class and talk about how boring our teachers were, who the cutest guy was in our classes and so on. But my sickest one to date was a leather-bound Precious Moments diary (yes, Precious Moments, as in THE glass figurines) given to me as a gift. It even had a lock so I thought I was the shit!

*Embarrassing diary entries to come at a later, but very soon date.*

What really drew me to this podcast is how candid people got with awkward stuff everyone goes through. We're talkin' love triangles, BFF drama, questioning the sexuality of your hetero boyfriend, you know, the usual.

So if you haven't heard it, download or listen to the podcast HERE.

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