Goldie Hawn Overboard

In honor of the 4th of July, and all things patriotic, bedazzled and 80s, I thought I'd celebrate one of my favorite movies: Overboard.

is a scintillating tale of a bitchy rich lady who falls off her yacht and is taken to a local hospital where it's discovered that she lost her memory. To her rescue comes the hillbilly repair man she treated like dirt who claims her as his wife and turns her into his redneck trophy. It's quite fun.

I know it's not your typical star spangled movie, but hey, Goldie Hawn wears enough red and white getups and bedazzles enough of her sunglasses for it to be!

Plus, it has everything like:

A rich white guy partying with babes on a yacht.

Overboard movie

ENORMOUS cell phones and that anklet.

Goldie Hawn overboard movie

Sass and seriously decorated 'dos. They don't make these in the 2000s!

Goldie Hawn overboard movie

A butler who does pedicures, plus that awesome patio set.

Overboard Movie

And KURT RUSSELL! Look at that hair!

Kurt Russell Overboard movie

This loving moment and a Canadian tuxedo.

Overboard movie

And lastly (because Google's image supply from this movie is severely limited), very casual yacht attire.

Overboard movie

So there you have it people, need more convincing? I think not. Enjoy your 4th of July, and don't fall off any boats!

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