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Because it's practically the weekend and we're all practically checked out, here's a little something to get you through whatever you need to get through before drowning in vodka and donuts for two days. Enjoy the playlist here!

Couple kissing

Broken, beaten down, devastated and facing a life of emptiness.  This break-up was surely going to finish me off.  Or so I thought.

The blunt end of her sentence resulted in an almost cathartic feeling in every cell of my body.  But I didn’t want it to be this way.  I want pain, tears but nope…nothing.  But I thought she was the one, my all, and now she’s letting me go, I demand to feel the sadness!

My efforts came to no avail.  Try as I did, there wasn’t an ounce of pain present in my body. I think it had all been left behind in the relationship that never was.  Instead, I experienced a sense of relief, and the day I was ‘let go’ was to be the defining moment of my life.



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