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We all have that friend who's always in a relationship. You know, the person who went from "in a relationship" to "single," then to "in a relationship" and back to "single," then you hid her because your newsfeed has just been her relationship status and no thanks, Becky.

It's so common these days for people to be on the market quickly after a breakup, after all, how hard is it? Break up today, be on Tinder tonight. Problem solved.

But how healthy is that? We've all heard a psychology professor or Dr. Phil say you need a little "me" time after a breakup: a little time to cope, reflect on what went wrong, gain your independence back, change your appearance, and decide what you want in a relationship, or what I like to call, "I'll have three scoops of Rocky Road in a waffle cone and this Butterfinger."

But some might argue that jumping back in the dating pool helps keep your mind off your ex because if you have a new person to send dirty Snapchats to, you won't send them to your ex. Or at least you won't send them to your ex until the new person is out of the picture, then you'll have two people to revenge Snapchat.

I've always believed in breaks after breakups because it does give you time to cope and it does give you time to just be you and do all the things you didn't have time to do when you were in a relationship. I think the urgency we feel to hop back into something stems from things like codependency or simply the fact that it feels like everyone you know is coupled up and the clock is ticking... but that's another blog post for another time.

So what do you think: is it okay to jump into a new relationship after a breakup?

I say stay single for a little while, live life, and then who knows what will fall in to your lap.

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