I realized I have a lot of advice on my blog. Like, a lot. So I thought it might be a good time to pull it all together so you can easily access whatever it is you need, all in one place.

Not sure who should pay for a check on a date? I've got a chart for that. Want to be more romantic but not sure how? Don't worry, scroll down.

How to pay for a check on a date
How to meet the parents for the first time
How to be more romantic
How to tell you're dating a jerk
How to avoid having sex too soon
How to be more than Facebook friends
How to tell you're in love

Break Ups:
How to get over someone in the age of social media
How to tell someone you're never getting back together
How to break up with bad boyfriends
How to cope after a break up
How to lose a girl in 10 days
How to deal with rejection

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