First dates. Don'tcha love them? I wrote about my experience here, but if you're too lazy to read it, here's the CliffsNotes version: I was too shy to eat my food, I barely said a word the entire time and my jeans ripped in the crotch mid-date. But since I was too embarrassed to say anything, I instead walked like a penguin for the rest of the night trying to conceal the rip with my purse.

Don't pity me. 

Yes, first dates tend to be terrifying for most, but once they're in the past, all you can do is look back and laugh. 

So in the spirit of first dates, I asked a few friends to share their experiences. Enjoy:

"So I had to really dig back into my memory bank for this one, particularly to memories I have tried to forget...My first date was with my very first boyfriend at the age of 15. I was a sophomore in High School and used to practically cry into my pillow at night because all my close friends already had boyfriends and poor me was still single. So I finally get asked out by this tall 16 year old on the baseball team who was NOT cute, but would do for the time being. He picked me up on a Friday night and met my dad, which was so embarrassing to me at the time. We may have gotten food but I cant remember. I only remember going to a house party of a guy we went to school with. His parents were out of town and I am sure some cool older cousin must have gotten the alcohol, or they just raided their parents liquor cabinet, cant remember. Doesn't matter. I didn't drink, I was still a pretty good kid at that time. All I remember is running into girls I didn't particularly like but they were wasted and being nice to me so I played along. I don't even remember what my curfew was but he drove me home and gave me a small kiss and that was the beginning of a seemingly forgettable 8 or 9 month relationship." - Anonymous

"It was August 1996 and I was 16. I was visiting my friend who lived an hour and half away. One night we went down the beach to watch "Symphony of Fire" - the annual fireworks festival. Sitting on the beach blanket next to us with his friends was Jose, the guy who would become my first boyfriend. He somehow got my phone number through a mutual friend and then shortly thereafter we went on our first date. I couldn't tell my parents I was dating, so he came to pick me up at the same friend's house. We took the bus to the mall and watched a movie. I can't remember what the movie was, just that it involved Aliens and a lot of stuff blowing up. We didn't see much of it anyway because we were making out the whole time." - Simone (PS. she writes an awesome blog)

"I never really started dating until I started going to college. Like, literally just started going to college.
It was this nerdy and boyish looking guy from Switzerland, who was very smart and actually worked in the Student Life department. Yes, he was also a student (but we still were not supposed to date). When I first saw him during orientation, I had a crush on him immediately, and I wanted to spend time with him! So I pretended I didn't understand peep about camera exposure equations (math has always been easy for me, actually) and I requested for his tutoring services. During our first tutoring session I got caught right away. I'm not very good at pretending to be an air head. So anyway, from what was supposed to be a tutoring session actually turned into a make out session, which then turned into a coffee date. We dated for 6 months, but did not lose my virginity to him." - Wendy

"M. and I had been introduced by my then roommate. We both wanted to find somebody to love and be loved by. At the time M. was going to school in the South of Texas and I was North of it. We started corresponding via daily messages and found instantly many common points. After a month or so, M. was able to come up, and since he was originally from up North, he knew all the good places to hang out in Texas. One of the things that M. and I shared, and still do share, is our love for history. I remember I was nervous to go out with him, wondering if I would be disappointed after meeting him in real life. It was one thing to exchange emails and call each other on the phone, and another to actually see one another. I think he was nervous too, because he was regurgitating all the facts about Texas and my school among other things. It was sweet. He took me out to dine at UNO - a tex-italian restaurant in Fort Worth. It was nice and low key which I was grateful for. We then went on a walk around downtown Fort Worth, and every time we passed in front of a monument or a building, M. knew everything history related to the area. It was fascinating and I had a lot of fun. After we toured the city, M. finally took me back home and we exchanged our first kiss before parting with a promise to see each other the next day. It was a very simple and yet a very beautiful day. As we exchanged our first kiss I realized then that he was not the ONE, but I thought that time would tell. We dated for two months before breaking up in common agreement. We have now been friends for seven years." - Colette (Another great blogger over here)

So...what was your first date like? 

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