Movie Recommendation: Swingers

Has there ever been a movie that so brilliantly paints bromance and what it's like to be a guy with seemingly delusional feelings after a breakup, all while saying the F word 95 times, than Swingers? Don't think so.

I recently saw it for the first time and it became an instant favorite for obvious reasons like Big Bad VooDoo Daddy having a role. JK, that wasn't an obvious reason, obviously.

From the 90s, LA nostalgia, to the dating woes and amazing one liners, this movie rules.

Movie Recommendation: Swingers

First dates. Don'tcha love them? I wrote about my experience here, but if you're too lazy to read it, here's the CliffsNotes version: I was too shy to eat my food, I barely said a word the entire time and my jeans ripped in the crotch mid-date. But since I was too embarrassed to say anything, I instead walked like a penguin for the rest of the night trying to conceal the rip with my purse.

Don't pity me. 

Yes, first dates tend to be terrifying for most, but once they're in the past, all you can do is look back and laugh. 

So in the spirit of first dates, I asked a few friends to share their experiences. Enjoy:



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