First kiss strangers kissing tatia pilieva

We all remember our first kiss with a person; no matter how good or bad, it's a moment that's unforgettable which is why this short film by LA based filmmaker Tatia Pilieva really sang to me. 

Pilieva captured 20 strangers locking lips for the very first time in First Kiss, a video that romantically documents every emotion during that pivotal moment.

Surprisingly, after a few minutes of nervous conversation between each couple, every one of them passionately embraced leaving you wondering, hoping, that's how good any of your first kisses looked. Enjoy...

What did you think? 

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  1. Great video thanks for sharing! Check out my interview video of the biggest mistakes men make in bed

  2. Its a good video. Shows real emotion and the sweet shy side everyone has and that we are all vulnerable. It's agreat video.

  3. I liked this video. Real people with real feelings. Pretty awesome.

  4. I absolutely loved this video. The interactions were so real, you could feel the awkwardness and sexual tension even. Beautiful.




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