8 Inspiring Engagement Stories Catherine Deneuve

I never used to be the type to melt over stuff like weddings, probably because of this and this. It just wasn't me to look at engagement rings or dream up wedding dresses. While I'm still not really that girl, the idea of love has totally changed for me over the years as I myself have experienced it incredibly, and I've watched so many friends fall in love too.

So, I'm very excited to share one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @Stone_Fox_Bride. If you aren't familiar, they're a bridal shop specializing in unique rings, dresses, veils and even everyday clothing.

What drew me to them is their kick ass approach to love and weddings. Not only is their Instagram account flourishing with awe-inspiring photos of love and life, but they tell the tales of their clients' engagement stories through images of the rings they buy. Some are sweet, some are funny, and some make me do a double take.

I pulled a few of my favorites for you. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did...

8 Inspiring Engagement Stories

It's not the ring he proposed with... This one belonged to her step grandmother. He proposed while she was flossing her teeth. He handed her a note with a drawing of a ring on it and two boxes. It said "check yes or no".

First kiss strangers kissing tatia pilieva

We all remember our first kiss with a person; no matter how good or bad, it's a moment that's unforgettable which is why this short film by LA based filmmaker Tatia Pilieva really sang to me. 

Pilieva captured 20 strangers locking lips for the very first time in First Kiss, a video that romantically documents every emotion during that pivotal moment.

Surprisingly, after a few minutes of nervous conversation between each couple, every one of them passionately embraced leaving you wondering, hoping, that's how good any of your first kisses looked. Enjoy...

What did you think? 

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3 Date Night Ideas for Staying In free people roshambo

Date nights aren’t cheap. I don’t care if you’ve been together for years or a few months, unless you’re dining at Costco (which I’m totally not opposed to because a $1.50 hot dog and drink combo is unbeatable), then your credit card could probably use a break.

Dinner, movies, drinks, concerts, museums - that shit adds up! And if you’re trying to impress your lady, or at least trying to keep the spark alive, you could go broke over steak frites. 

So I stand write before you with three date night ideas for staying IN. Now don’t get me wrong, I love going out, but a night in every now and then can be just as fun and romantic. Just think of all the traffic you don't have to sit in and all the parking spots you don't have to search for (LA residents, do you feel me?)!

“We” were something, or maybe not anything at all. We talked every day, texted every day and saw each other frequently on the weekends. We held hands.

But apparently that doesn't mean anything, at least from his end and from what I assume.
Although he was an attention seeking whore and immature half the time, something about him drew me in. It was definitely his charm.

He had a way to make you feel special. You know, the type that says the right words to slowly make you fall for him? With any small gesture, such as bringing you flowers to your meeting “just because” to make you fall deeper. And his responses were, “Because you deserved them” or “I just wanted to see you smile.”



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