Kissing on santa monica blvd

It's Friday, Friday... and I'm sooo not going to finish that song lyric. Here are a few things to look at and ease your mind into the freakin weekend!

Lovin this video on Looks vs. Personality.

Enjoyed this blog post/response about a "pretty girl" seeking a rich man...who eventually got shut down by a very rich man.

Crushing on this wedding photo.

Like this creative "breakfast in bed" dish a bf created for his gf.

I'm enjoying @Notebook's Twitter feed this week.

Need a tutorial on how to write a breakup letter? Look no further than this Wiki-How page. Oy vey.

I know Valentine's Day is over, but this banner is super cuuuute. So is this party balloon.

Love this advice on how to know it's OVER.

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