What was your first kiss like? Recently, I was asked to share my first kiss experience, and honestly, I must have buried that memory in the deepest, darkest place of my brain and soaked it in a punch bowl of Glenlivet because it was HARD to remember.

I was 16 or 17, at a party, and my so-called BFF came up with the GRAND idea of playing spin the bottle to get my crush and I to kiss. I was so nervous and didn't want my first kiss to be in front of a bunch people, but I spun the stupid bottle anyway. What happened next was just my luck: I landed on a friend who I didn't want to kiss and my loyal BFF landed on my crush. She then planted a long, lingering kiss on him as I watched with fire in my eyes. Such fun memories!!!

All this talk about first kisses had me wondering about other people's experiences. So I asked a few friends to share their first kiss stories...enjoy:

"I don't count my first kiss until I was 17, I didn't count pecks or things like that. This was the full blown thing. My girlfriend at the time was 16 and we were at her house, she brought me upstairs and we started kissing in her room. Both of her parents were downstairs, so the thrill of that made it all a lot more exciting. We broke up about two weeks after that. After this first time, she had the worst breath." - Jesse

So, not sure how this happened, but some dear people at Babble named me on their Top 100 Bloggers of 2013 list!

Which is just...pretty cool!!

So if you want to check out the little feature Babble did on me, check it out here!

And thank you all to Babble and everyone who reads this because when I started rambling on here like a crazy person back in 2008 (holy!), I never thought anyone would actually read it.

Cyber hugs all around.

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'Tis the season for prezzies! It's time to use all that good credit to buy something nice for the special people in your life. So no more Outback Steakhouse gift cards bought in the checkout at your grocery store...take a look at my holiday gift guides for guys and girls for some inspiration...

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

Crush: you could make him a mix tape, but since no one has a Walkman anymore, a cd from a band he likes will do / Boyfriend: Black AOP Outside Howl Heavy Shirt / Fiance: Baxter of California Shave Kit / Husband: A watch is always nice, a Hublot watch is even nicer / Dad: The complete James Bond DVD box set / Bro: ASOS Beanie



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