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When you're in your mid-twenties+, it can feel like everyone you know is in a serious committed relationship, engaged, married or having babies. And while we all like to say being single is the token gold medal – you can eat a whole pizza without worrying about how you will look naked and you can leave the toilet seat up—it's nice having someone who brings you froyo and rubs your back when you're sick (who isn’t your mom).

So you try meeting people through friends of friends or out and about, and when that doesn't work, you download a dating app that gets you a few good hookups. And when that doesn't work, you start Googling websites like eHarmony because a friend met her fiancé on there.

But where do you even begin? How do you even online date? And what if that doesn’t even work?! Well, the internet is your oyster, people. And besides, why wouldn't you want to try dating websites like eHarmony? It can match you with compatible people in the very comfort of the double bed you've been lamenting your last breakup in since…your last breakup. Their website even says "Greater trust and proven chemistry. It's a fact right on the homepage!

So here’s how to get started:

Do have a profile pic: would you accept a dinner invitation from a guy wearing pantyhose over his head? No? Well, that’s the same thing as PMing someone when you don’t have a user pic. Always have a profile picture.

Don't post old photos of yourself: if you're scanning photos out of an old album that has been collecting dust on your coffee table, you need to take some new photos. The point isn't to Catfish people, so upload recent photos taken of you. Oh, and don’t forget to smile.

Don't be cheesy: avoid silly pickup lines and cliché statements like how much you love drinking wine on a bear skin rug (even if you do). Share something interesting and unique about yourself that will surprise people (in a GOOD way).

Don't show too much skin in photos: eHarmony isn’t Craigslist and you want to attract quality people. Avoid low cut tops or shirtless photos, guys.

Do be honest: lying doesn’t get you anywhere in real life, so it surely won’t get you anywhere online.

Do Skype: Thank you sweet, sweet technology for being so advanced that we can screen our dates before we meet them. Before you meet your date, you should Skype or video chat with him/her. You know, just to make sure the person you’re going to meet is actually the person you’re going to meet.

Don’t give out personal information (or as I like to call it, be mysterious): A good rule to follow is: don’t share where you work, where you live or your social security number. Need I say more?

Be specific: If you hate smokers, say it. If you love to travel, say it. If you’re religious, SAY IT. The more your online dating profile says about you, the better people will understand who you are and if you fit into their lifestyle.

What are your do's and don’ts of online dating?

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This post post is sponsored by eHarmony. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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