Anthony michael hall in the breakfast club smoking a joint dating tips

Never trust a guy who...

Who's photos look scanned on Tinder. Hi, 2002 called, and they want you to update your profile ya creep.

Refuses to shop anywhere besides Whole Foods (uh, okay, guy).

Rolls his eyes and has a minor fit when people order non-grass-fed meat.

Since we're talking about grass-fed meat, never trust a guy who lectures you on GMO and processed food when you eat a Double Stuffed Oreo because you're "having a bad day and...look away if you hate it!"

Never trust a guy who breaks up with you but continues to like all your photos on Facebook and Instagram, Retweets you, sends you Snapchats, and pokes you. Don't. Trust. Him.

Has a dirty apartment. And I mean, dirty. If it's difficult to walk through and things...move (re: bugs), you should be running for the door. Dirty apartments are basically the prequel to many more disturbing things that will surface over time.

Is rude to your friends.

Is even more rude to your pets. You don't need him.

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