Cindy Crawford 90's breakups

They say a long time ago in the age where you had to call a number to get the current time, it was a lot easier to get over someone. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. You never knew what your ex was up to unless you braved a phone call or...drove by his house at 2 a.m.

So naturally, the unknowing undoubtedly aided the healing process.

But today? How are you supposed to get over someone when you're tuned into constant status updates of what he ate for lunch and who he hung out with last night (who is strikingly gorgeous and single according to her profile, *sobs*)?

Well, the truth is, you will not get over your ex when you're devouring his every move. You will not feel okay knowing who's flirting with him on Instagram and you will not like seeing that the new life he built without you is evidently fun.

So here's how you get over someone: unfriend him or hide him. Just get rid of him for a while. Live life and resist the urge to lurk his public profiles because it will hurt and you will cry like a big, pathetic and jealous baby.

What good is your cyber friendship doing you anyway? If anything, it's just leaving a window open for you to poke him after you drank an entire bottle of Trader Joe's finest, Two Buck Chuck. And what does poking lead to? Nothing. It does not lead to getting back together. It leads to regret.

And while I don't care if you remain friends with your ex, that's your choice, after time, remaining cyber friends after a breakup when you're vulnerable, lonely and angry is toxic. We all know it, we all pretend like we can handle it, but we can't.

So just do it. Rip the Band-Aid off, heal, and then come tell me how much better your life became after not seeing his Sunday Fun-days. Tell a friend.

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  1. Its true you should at least somewhat move on. In those early days you would probably LOOK for those little hints that you think might be inviting you back. And then you'd see them even if they weren't there.

  2. It sounds more like an obsession with someone almost stalking if you are wanting to know there every movement.
    The best thing is to completely have no contact at all for a week and then for another week and it will become easier.

  3. Bottom line, you can't move forward while you're still looking backwards.

  4. Sadly, this is true. I want to delete my exes but at the same time i like to be able to spy. does this mean i'm not over them? Maybe a little i guess.

  5. One of my exes, even after I got a new girlfriend and pretty much ex-communicated her, stalked my Facebook profile constantly. Every three or four months she'd send me a message wanting to be friends again, and I would try to be, except within a week she'd delete me and go back to excommunication.

    She sent me a message the other day saying something along the lines of "we can't be friends", and I basically said, "Yeah, I agree. Please stop stalking me and get on with your life." I think she's finally moved on.

    1. Wowww. I've seen this happen to friends. In fact, on several occasions I have seen couples who used to date rekindle Facebook friendships on several occasions. Hard not to notice when it shows up on your news feed : /

      Thanks for sharing!




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