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They say a long time ago in the age where you had to call a number to get the current time, it was a lot easier to get over someone. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. You never knew what your ex was up to unless you braved a phone call or...drove by his house at 2 a.m.

So naturally, the unknowing undoubtedly aided the healing process.

But today? How are you supposed to get over someone when you're tuned into constant status updates of what he ate for lunch and who he hung out with last night (who is strikingly gorgeous and single according to her profile, *sobs*)?

Well, the truth is, you will not get over your ex when you're devouring his every move. You will not feel okay knowing who's flirting with him on Instagram and you will not like seeing that the new life he built without you is evidently fun.

So here's how you get over someone: unfriend him or hide him. Just get rid of him for a while. Live life and resist the urge to lurk his public profiles because it will hurt and you will cry like a big, pathetic and jealous baby.

What good is your cyber friendship doing you anyway? If anything, it's just leaving a window open for you to poke him after you drank an entire bottle of Trader Joe's finest, Two Buck Chuck. And what does poking lead to? Nothing. It does not lead to getting back together. It leads to regret.

And while I don't care if you remain friends with your ex, that's your choice, after time, remaining cyber friends after a breakup when you're vulnerable, lonely and angry is toxic. We all know it, we all pretend like we can handle it, but we can't.

So just do it. Rip the Band-Aid off, heal, and then come tell me how much better your life became after not seeing his Sunday Fun-days. Tell a friend.

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Never trust a guy who...

Who's photos look scanned on Tinder. Hi, 2002 called, and they want you to update your profile ya creep.

Refuses to shop anywhere besides Whole Foods (uh, okay, guy).

Rolls his eyes and has a minor fit when people order non-grass-fed meat.

Since we're talking about grass-fed meat, never trust a guy who lectures you on GMO and processed food when you eat a Double Stuffed Oreo because you're "having a bad day and...look away if you hate it!"

Never trust a guy who breaks up with you but continues to like all your photos on Facebook and Instagram, Retweets you, sends you Snapchats, and pokes you. Don't. Trust. Him.

Has a dirty apartment. And I mean, dirty. If it's difficult to walk through and things...move (re: bugs), you should be running for the door. Dirty apartments are basically the prequel to many more disturbing things that will surface over time.

Is rude to your friends.

Is even more rude to your pets. You don't need him.

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As you know, it's not easy hitting on complete strangers. Whether you're at a bar or the grocery store, approaching someone can be intimidating.What if you say the wrong thing? What if they're taken? What if you get rejected? What if, what if, what IF!

You can't control the what if's, but you can control things like, your approach...

So here are some tips on how to approach a stranger (for guys AND girls) you want to be friendly-er with:

1. Act normal: I shouldn't have to tell you to act normal but once a guy tugged on my hair while I was sitting at a bar with some friends. This did not work for him and this will not work for you. 

2. Have good breath: No one wants to smell your last meal on your breath, so please, for the sake of your love life, keep some breath fresheners in your purse (or pocket) because you never know when you will meet someone.

3. Don't be cheesy: I guarantee any pickup line you learned in high school or got off a Drake album won't work. Instead, try an honest, genuine approach like...introducing yourself.

4. Relax: There's an age old rumor that eating Jell-O powder will calm your nerves. Well, it doesn't. If you're too nervous to talk to the dream boat you've been eyeing, take a deep breath and remember, if you blow it, you will never see him/her again.

5. Flirt: Note anything interesting about the person to talk about: maybe he's wearing a tee with your favorite band on it or drinking your favorite drink? Break the ice with something like that. You could even tease a little, but not don't be mean.

Got that?

And of course, when you do score the date...always be sure to carry my date night must-haves: cash, phone, ID, some powder and a little lip color, and some breath spray.

So in the spirit of hitting on guys and girls the right way, I teamed up with Hello Oral Care to give away two of their refreshing Hello Breath Sprays (to ensure you are seriously friendly when approaching someone).

These sprays come in yummy flavors like Sweet Cinnamint, Supermint, and Pink Grapefruit Mint. And the best part? They're tiny so they fit perfectly in a clutch or pocket.

You can enter to win simply by choosing one of the three options below. Two winners will be selected Saturday, October 12! And just in case you were favorite pickup line is...being yourself!
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This post was sponsored by Hello Oral Care--all advice and opinions are my own. To see what other cool products Hello Oral Care offers like mouthwash, toothpaste and more, and where you can buy them, go here.



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