best bad breakup letters

Thank GOD it's Friday. If you're not ready to pour margarita mix in your cereal by Friday morning, then I'm jealous. 

Here are a few things I loved this week, including the breakup letter pictured above. And don't worry, there's more where that came from...

The 10 Best Crappy Breakup Letters that will make you wish you had on hand for your ex...

Advice on turning 30 written by the ever-so-witty, Olivia Wilde *girl crush*

My new favorite song by Lorde, The Love Club

This photo of Jackie O

Surprising things about parenting in Japan, any parents up for a move?

This couple in 1975

These photos of celebs in their teens/early twenties

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the pictures of the celebs. It's humbling to know how normal they looked before getting their hands on personal stylists and trainers.

    Also, the picture from 1975 is on point. That dude had a perfect fro.

  2. Hmmmm... what a breakup letter... By the way I also kike that song by Lorde, it is nice. Also nice pics from 1975 is hilarious, Thanks for sharing

  3. "margarita mix in your cereal". Should i try this ?:)) Nice letter, funny as hell, really !

  4. Love the break up letters and how creative people can get when they are mad!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!! Absolutely brilliant! That will teach him a lesson or two. More guys should read this and learn something....PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LADY AND LEAVE OTHER WOMEN ALONE! Or this should happen to you.

    Hope this knucklehead remembers all these little points (important, may I add) of your relationship so he can find his stuff. Actually, I seriously doubt it coz we generally don't remember the "little things" and take you ladies totally for granted most of the time, so this Dope deserves his punishment. Good on you girrrrl. KickAss!!




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