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There are just some things you can't get rid of. For some, it's Beanie Babies, and for me, it's Beanie Babies and my coveted magazines from my teen years (OK, ok! I did get rid of some Beanie Babies, just not the ones I bought tag protectors for).

After I posted this antique photo of Britney Spears on the cover of YM magazine in September 2000 on Instagram (Uh, #TBT people!), I felt the urge to read through the mag as well as a few others I kept like CosmoGirl and Teen People (for those of you who grew up with the high speed internet and Snapchat, these were every teen girl's bible). 

After finally getting past all the Skechers ads and hair glitter tutorials, it was...interesting, to say the least, reading the articles I relied so heavily on to get me through my evil teen years.

So I snapped a few pages for fun. Have a looksy:

love quiz
Don't you dare judge me on my answers for this quiz. I WAS 14, OK?

famous celebrity couples
Glad Drew Barrymore came to her senses...

how to get a date fast
This didn't work, FYI.

Kiss-me lips
The only action my kiss-me lips ever got was step 3...

How to turn over a new love leaf
I was too young to have any love leaves to turn over. 

Did you used to read the love advice in magazines as a teen?


  1. Wow didn't know these were still around. Cool. I mean, not that I read chick mags, just saying...

  2. Oh. My. God!

    I remember those! Hell the magazine even looks familiar! I bet it's one in my collection at home! Lol
    But hey, what girl doesn't need to know how to get kiss me lips?

  3. I never thought in that period at me, as today. Those where nice moments, but so are these.

  4. It was a nice period in time though!




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