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There are just some things you can't get rid of. For some, it's Beanie Babies, and for me, it's Beanie Babies and my coveted magazines from my teen years (OK, ok! I did get rid of some Beanie Babies, just not the ones I bought tag protectors for).

After I posted this antique photo of Britney Spears on the cover of YM magazine in September 2000 on Instagram (Uh, #TBT people!), I felt the urge to read through the mag as well as a few others I kept like CosmoGirl and Teen People (for those of you who grew up with the high speed internet and Snapchat, these were every teen girl's bible). 

After finally getting past all the Skechers ads and hair glitter tutorials, it was...interesting, to say the least, reading the articles I relied so heavily on to get me through my evil teen years.

So I snapped a few pages for fun. Have a looksy:

best bad breakup letters

Thank GOD it's Friday. If you're not ready to pour margarita mix in your cereal by Friday morning, then I'm jealous. 

Here are a few things I loved this week, including the breakup letter pictured above. And don't worry, there's more where that came from...

The 10 Best Crappy Breakup Letters that will make you wish you had on hand for your ex...

Advice on turning 30 written by the ever-so-witty, Olivia Wilde *girl crush*

My new favorite song by Lorde, The Love Club

This photo of Jackie O

Surprising things about parenting in Japan, any parents up for a move?

This couple in 1975

These photos of celebs in their teens/early twenties

Have a great weekend!



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