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Your phone is powerful. Not only can it geolocate the nearest Taco Bell, it can find you love, and whatever type of love you're looking for...

If you haven't heard, dating apps are so hot right meow. In fact, did you know 80% of singles prefer apps over dating sites? Shocking.

So why are dating apps like Swoon becoming so popular? Here's why:

1. Your coupled friends suck: when all your friends are coupled up, you're not going to meet any singles through them.

2. Dating sites suck: when you start getting matched with people you already had the misfortune to connect with, it's time to move on.

3. Geolocation: dating apps like Swoon connect you with other singles nearby. Not the next state over, not the Philippines, your city.

4. Anonymity: you can anonymously view mutual matches like a CREEP, "like" the ones that interest you or skip the ones that don't. And wait, there's more! You can find out when a match likes you back.

5. Connection: you can chat with your mutual matches using in-app messaging, so no need to worry about giving your personal info to a stranger. Unless of course, you want to take things to the next level.

6. Free and Easy: Swoon is free. And the best part? There's not an extensive questionnaire that takes three hours to fill out.

See? It's so easy to find a date with your smart phone. Why even leave the house anymore?!

I know a handful of people who have tried dating apps and some have even found love, what about you?

Have any of you tried a dating app?

You can read more about Swoon's features here. Like this post? Last week I blogged about the new app that will break up with your S/O. Read about it here.

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This is a sponsored post by Swoon. All thoughts and opinions are my own because that's how I was raised.


  1. Never tried dating "online" or even with my phone! I prefer the good old fashioned way...go out and meet an actual person, and take it from there. On the other hand, for the terminally shy or cripplingly insecure, this may just be the answer to a "softer" way of being rejected and rejecting someone. This way nobody gets hurt really.

  2. It’s fair to say that mobile apps are a great way to meet people. You just have to think of them as tools to use.
    Remember online dating at the start everyone wanted to avoid it but then it became the norm this is just another example of a new technology taking it’s place.




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