Ahoy! Need a fun date idea this month? You could do the usual 2 for $20 at T.G.I Friday's, or, you could try something fun and go sailing for the day.

Now, I'm not proposing you do the sailing, sea captain, unless you're familiar of course. I'm simply implying you could cozy up to some rich folk who have a boat or buy a Groupon. It's up to you. Whatever you're more comfortable with.

But picture this: you and your crush/gf/bf/fiance/husband/wifey/mistress out on the open sea, giving Eskimo kisses, sipping on a little bubbly and being all adorable and stuff. Sounds amazing, right? Throw in some lobster rolls and a little dessert and you have yourself a summer date made in heaven.

And if you really want to impress someone, brush up on these boat-tastic terms here. Oh, and don't forget the Dramamine, you just never know...


  1. Sounds perfect...now I just need to find someone to take me out lol.

  2. It was a fun read.. Nice idea..




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