Breakup Text App

Someone ring the alarm, and throw ya elbows, because you can now dump someone with an iPhone app. 

Having to break up with someone is almost worse than trying to open a Gatorade with lotion on your hands, and while I don't normally condone things like this, fuck it.

Breakup Text is easy, it's TOO easy. Just enter the person's name, state how serious the relationship was, and why you want to end it. And you can even claim you were eaten by a bear. 

Here's my reasoning for why this is sort of okay/not okay:

I condone this if

1. You gave your number to some rando after drinking Four Loko and now you have an inbox full of unwanted texts.
2. You went on one date, the person admitted to manslaughter or something crazy, and you don't really want he/she any closer. You know what I mean?
3. You got a little too flirty after exchanging numbers with someone on Tinder and then decided it's just not going to work, whatever it is.

I do NOT condone this if

1. You've had one or more dates with someone who hasn't admitted to manslaughter or something strange.
2. You have a serious relationship with the person.

Anyway, you can buy Breakup Text here. If any of you are so inclined to break up with someone with this app, let me know how it goes? 

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  1. I was wondering why you'd approve of this but then I read your reasons. Definitely agree otherwise please don't be an ass'ole by using this app if you're in a serious relationship.




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