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After a month of constant fighting, it seemed I didn’t love her anymore. We have had fights before, and I always thought of myself as the guy who doesn’t give up on a relationship easily. I believed in love and I believed that if we both worked hard enough, we could make the relationship work. But this time, somehow I lost all hope.

We had threatened each other with breakups. We both loved each other but there was just something off about the relationship. Maybe it was the fact that we were both going through a tough time in life. We both were having difficulties financially, and she was having trouble finding a job. Every day we woke up with a new hope, but even the slightest disagreement could have led to a fight of catastrophic proportions.

I decided to let the relationship go and move on. This time, it was no threat. It was a decision that I made. I knew it would be difficult to go through: we lived together, we ate together, we slept together, and we spent almost every living moment together. Being in a relationship where you have no space of your own is poison. And that poison had slowly eaten away the very foundation our relationship was built on.

I tried breaking up in person, but to no avail. The fights had turned us into vicious animals who knew each other’s every weakness.So when I had to go away on business for a day, I called her and told her it was over.

What followed was completely expected and I was prepared for it. All the anger, the manipulation, the threats, the bargaining, the name calling and demands--it went on for the entire day. That night, I went to sleep thinking the relationship that was making my life miserable was finally over, and I was right. But not in the sense I was thinking.

I woke up with 147 missed calls. She thought that I wanted to break up because I thought she didn’t love me. She didn’t sleep all night because she just wanted to tell me that she loves me. She hadn’t spoken to me like this in months. And I realized even I still loved her. It wasn’t because of pity, or neediness, or the fear of breaking up. It was because I cared about her, and I still thought that below all this ugliness, there was love.

That night changed the course of our relationship. We learned how to give each other space and respect each other even while arguing. I know some relationships are easy and some take work. But from what I’ve learned, even the ones that take work become easy after a while.

-Kevin; 27, Mountain View, CA (you can read more from Kevin here)

Kevin writes advice on breakups and giving relationships second chance at
baseball game date
It's June and what better thing is there to do with someone ya dig than go to a baseball game? If heaven had a bookstore about dates to try in the month of June, baseball games would be number one. Believe me.

You see, a baseball game is the perfect place to get to know someone - you have nine WHOLE innings to really get to know each other. That's a long time. In fact, that's enough time to learn everything about your date including family health history and their favorite movies in alphabetical order.

Need another reason to get excited for a baseball game date? Um, hello! Ice cream sundaes in helmets! Personally, any date I get a souvenir (mini plastic baseball helmet) from is one to rave about...

Okay, so I think I've preached enough...go on a date already.

Daisy Lowe

A few weeks ago I raved/posted about "Roshambo," Free People's whimsical campaign that sells their clothing in the form of digital shorts about love. And well, they blew me away again!

Their newest short is a sweet little story featuring a girl, played by Daisy Lowe, who try's out different looks to catch the attention of her cute neighbor across the way.

Some looks are more risque like the expected pageantry of sexy lingerie and heavy makeup, while the winning look that snags his attention, is totally casual.

"Neighbor" pushes the idea to be ourselves and not worry about dressing up to impress anyone. (Where was this when I was 15?)

Check it out!

Photo by Thomas Northcut
Who picks up the check on a date? Milla Jovovich

My first date, which I've written about here, may have been the worst thing to happen since Amanda Bynes' undercut according to my so called life circa 2004.

And it was on that date, after the waitress came by and glared at me with disgust as she picked up my plate of refried beans and enchiladas I hardly touched (because I was too nervous to eat), that she dropped off the bill. Right in between us. Awk.Ward.

I didn't really know what to do other than reach for my wallet. And I sure as hell wasn't about to assume he was paying for the meal I didn't eat...because I'm not that tYpE of girl.

So as I reached for my wallet in my super awesome Roxy purse, he said "put that away, it's on me." Which is English for: "Really, bitch? Just this one time."



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