What has your mom taught you about love?

Yes, the chubby cat in the photo with only one eye visible is me. It was Halloween and I was...a cat. Thanks, mom. But really, how convincingly good did I look?

Mother's Day is just around the corner, which is why I'm here to not only thank my mom, and all the other moms for making such dashing costumes like this, but to talk about what moms have taught us about love, life and the things we'd rather learn about from overly mature friends who were allowed to watch The Real World before me us.

My mom has certainly shared some wisdom with me over the years that  has stuck and that's that love isn't easy and it takes work if you want to MAKE it work!

Yes, there are blogs you can read (not like I'm talking about this one or anything), and tv shows you can watch about over privileged white girls "roughing it" in New York (take a guess), but doesn't the best advice that molds us come from moms?

So I'd love to know, what has your mom taught you about love? How to be a good listener? How to spot a cheater (do tell)? I'd love to hear their words of wisdom.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. My mom always told me to not be so picky! Snapped me back to reality!!!




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