The perfect picnic date

Dates. I believe most dates go well unless they're not planned and you end up at an Applebee's. And I'm not THAT opposed to Applebee's if you don't act all: "Well that's weird they lost my reservation for this four star restaurant, but I know there's an Applebee's up the street." (Ok, guy.)

But I mean, if you're into other things, like cutesier things, May is the perfect time for picnics.

Picture and someone you fancy (yeah, I said "someone you fancy." Come at me.) listening to tunes, eating cheese that costs more than a good cut of beef, throwing a football around, laughing, rolling on a blanket in the grass, imagining your wedding. Okay, I'll stop. Only because it's perfect and you KNOW it.

From portable speakers for your iPhone to the jam for your baguette, these are just a few...okay everything you'll need to make the perfect picnic date.

Look fun? Want to test it out on someone you FANCY? Do it and tell me about it...or tell me what your perfect spring time date is below!

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