Never Trust a Guy Who...

Doesn't have a job and isn't actively pursuing one. Do you really want to pay for everything? Because you're going to. Also, what are your goals and dreams? Is it sitting on the couch playing Zelda (i don't even know) all day too? No? Thought so. Get rid of the dead weight.

If you got dumped via text or social network, NEVER TRUST HIM AGAIN! Hello! I don't care if he calls you wanting you back six months later, just NO.

Never trust a guy who says he and his girlfriend have an OPEN relationship...unless she told you herself, zip your pants up, sister, and pray to God she hasn't already stalked your activity on his Facebook. Women have eyes and ears everywhere.

You've been dating a while and he calls you his Boo Thang, but he didn't follow you back on Instagram AND his profile is private? Hmm...

Never trust a guy who doesn't keep up on oil changes, credit card bills or dental check ups. There are some things in life you can't skimp on like name brand toilet paper and seeing your dentist every six months. If he doesn't care to keep up on the necessity's, what else won't he care about? Think about it. Envision it.

If he's in his twenties and still attending proms, football games and high school parties, and you're NOT in high school, I think you ought to reconsider.

Never trust a guy named Chris Brown. He's a bomb waiting to explode (P.S. Don't you think him and Lindsay Lohan would be great together?).

Picture this: you just got picked up for a date, you're driving to dinner and instead of an Edward Sharpe song playing and everything being fine and dandy, he suddenly gets massive road rage and starts tail gating/cursing/spitting out of his car window/ flipping the bird. That's not cute. Nor is it a good sign he doesn't flip his lid over other things like who ate the last dark chocolate Dove bar?

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  1. Ha! Women do have eyes and ears everywhere!

  2. Haha I loved this post... especially never trust a guy whose name is Chris Brown! YES!

  3. never trust a sweet talk guy ...

  4. I got dumped by text once. We'd been together for almost four years. That wasn't cool. Girls can be dicks, too.

    1. Totally agree with you! And I certainly don't forget to talk about how nasty they can be on here...




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