May must-haves

Happy May!

Since it's the start of a new month, and I really like you guys, I thought I'd share something new. I present to you...Ms. May! All mah single ladies and ladies in looove, anticipate a go-to guide for must-haves of the month, at the beginning of every month!

1. Buy yourself some peonies because shit, you deserve them. They're in full bloom right now and you don't need no man to give you flowers.

2. La Perla Donna  Lucia lingerie set...because you're worth it. 

3. Victoria's Secret Glossy Lip Tint Sheen in Knockout Red is the best lip product ever. Tried it, loved it, buy it. 

4. This Pink Collins is everything you need to feel juicy, fruity and loosey goosey this month.

5. Is it worth it? Let me work it...with Missy Elliot's Under Construction album. You're welcome.

6. It's a "Hey Girl" phone case, need I say more?

7. Why would you ever walk or wear sandals again this month if you could roll around in these bad boys? See ya Heelys (but please tell me you don't wear those).

Do you have any must-haves this month?

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