Do's and Don'ts of Dating pool summer guys in pool grotto

A couple Do's and Don'ts of the week...

Don't forget your manners, especially when asking Drake to murder your vagina on a Twitter (sorry to bring this up since it happened almost two months ago, but I was afraid this slipped your minds. You should ALWAYS be cautious of this).

Don't wear sheer clothing when on a date at Disneyland. What I mean by that is: Don't wear sheer clothing at Disneyland. Period.

Do try Tinder because it's da place 2 be right now.

Do feel okay about wanting to ditch someone mid-date if they say things like "don't hate the game, hate the player" seriously.

Do watch this video. And sing it. And replay it.

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  1. Oh man alive I love you. That is all. Love Elle xo




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