Do's and Don'ts of Dating pool summer guys in pool grotto

A couple Do's and Don'ts of the week...

Don't forget your manners, especially when asking Drake to murder your vagina on a Twitter (sorry to bring this up since it happened almost two months ago, but I was afraid this slipped your minds. You should ALWAYS be cautious of this).

Don't wear sheer clothing when on a date at Disneyland. What I mean by that is: Don't wear sheer clothing at Disneyland. Period.

The perfect picnic date

Dates. I believe most dates go well unless they're not planned and you end up at an Applebee's. And I'm not THAT opposed to Applebee's if you don't act all: "Well that's weird they lost my reservation for this four star restaurant, but I know there's an Applebee's up the street." (Ok, guy.)

But I mean, if you're into other things, like cutesier things, May is the perfect time for picnics.

1 Girl, 12 Guys: A speed dating tell all in Hollywood

Ever been curious about speed dating? Me too. So when my friend, Jessica, mentioned she was going, I told her she had to spill every single detail following the event. And here's what happened...

Name: Jessica
Age: 25
Location: Los Angeles
Status: Too single for words

In three words, describe the evening:

Have you ever speed dated before?
No. And for good reason…

What were you expecting when you arrived?
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I knew there would be a handful of guys, so I assumed ONE would be worthy of…something?

What was the reality?
I arrived at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles with a girlfriend of mine (come on, no one does this alone). We met our “host” of the evening, who quickly handed us a name tag, booklet and pencil. The booklet was to jot down any “interesting” details about our dates. I didn’t use the booklet. Well, I used it to spit out my gum.

What has your mom taught you about love?

Yes, the chubby cat in the photo with only one eye visible is me. It was Halloween and I was...a cat. Thanks, mom. But really, how convincingly good did I look?

Mother's Day is just around the corner, which is why I'm here to not only thank my mom, and all the other moms for making such dashing costumes like this, but to talk about what moms have taught us about love, life and the things we'd rather learn about from overly mature friends who were allowed to watch The Real World before me us.

My mom has certainly shared some wisdom with me over the years that  has stuck and that's that love isn't easy and it takes work if you want to MAKE it work!

Yes, there are blogs you can read (not like I'm talking about this one or anything), and tv shows you can watch about over privileged white girls "roughing it" in New York (take a guess), but doesn't the best advice that molds us come from moms?

So I'd love to know, what has your mom taught you about love? How to be a good listener? How to spot a cheater (do tell)? I'd love to hear their words of wisdom.

Happy Mother's Day!
Never Trust a Guy Who...

Doesn't have a job and isn't actively pursuing one. Do you really want to pay for everything? Because you're going to. Also, what are your goals and dreams? Is it sitting on the couch playing Zelda (i don't even know) all day too? No? Thought so. Get rid of the dead weight.

If you got dumped via text or social network, NEVER TRUST HIM AGAIN! Hello! I don't care if he calls you wanting you back six months later, just NO.

Never trust a guy who says he and his girlfriend have an OPEN relationship...unless she told you herself, zip your pants up, sister, and pray to God she hasn't already stalked your activity on his Facebook. Women have eyes and ears everywhere.

You've been dating a while and he calls you his Boo Thang, but he didn't follow you back on Instagram AND his profile is private? Hmm...

May must-haves

Happy May!

Since it's the start of a new month, and I really like you guys, I thought I'd share something new. I present to you...Ms. May! All mah single ladies and ladies in looove, anticipate a go-to guide for must-haves of the month, at the beginning of every month!

1. Buy yourself some peonies because shit, you deserve them. They're in full bloom right now and you don't need no man to give you flowers.

2. La Perla Donna  Lucia lingerie set...because you're worth it. 

3. Victoria's Secret Glossy Lip Tint Sheen in Knockout Red is the best lip product ever. Tried it, loved it, buy it. 

4. This Pink Collins is everything you need to feel juicy, fruity and loosey goosey this month.

5. Is it worth it? Let me work it...with Missy Elliot's Under Construction album. You're welcome.

6. It's a "Hey Girl" phone case, need I say more?

7. Why would you ever walk or wear sandals again this month if you could roll around in these bad boys? See ya Heelys (but please tell me you don't wear those).

Do you have any must-haves this month?



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