Have you ever said "I love you first" ?

Have you ever said "I love you" first?

Even when I knew I was in love long before "I love you's" were exchanged, and the words drifted to the tip of my tongue on several occasions, I held back.

Mostly because I'm a chicken and afraid of getting a crazy answer in return like "thank you." Gross. And don't forget the big "I love you" elephant in the room you're stuck with after that. No thank you.

There was one point when I thought about saying "I love you" first, and in my head, it went off without a hitch. I was that melodramatic girl in the movies who runs to his house in the pouring rain (because why would it be sunny?), bangs on his door (which he answers shirtless, of course) and professes my undying love for him...in which he returns the sentiments and then credits roll. Obviously.

Okay, I'm going to be real with you right now: romance has changed. And girl, don't even act like you didn't know.

Gone are the days when dating was a mystery...when you knew nothing about a person before your first date--hellooo Facebook! 

And present are the days of SnapChats and pokes. And no, I'm not complaining, I love me a good Facebook poke and a dirty SnapChat--give me what you got.

But here's what I really love: when you Gen Y gents get creative with your available technology and impress us. Like, blow our MINDS impress us.

So I share with you a clip I've been waiting to appear on YouTube for weeks; a clip that explains all of what I said plus some extra romance sauce all up on it.

If you haven't heard of Rookie Mag's Ask a Grown Man Series, well, then you're welcome! In their latest installment, Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) and Nigel Godrich of Atoms of Peace answer burning questions about guys--ones you're crushing on, tired of, hate but secretly love, and more.

Have a watch!



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