Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Black History Month! And I guess Valentine's Day...

It's a real pity I'm JUST seeing these amazing cards. There's even one for the haters (see below), yay!

Anyway, as a person who genuinely appreciates a Hallmark holiday that gives me an excuse to eat absurd amounts of artificially colored sweets and send people chocolate roses, I'm wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day/Week, because in case you didn't hear, you don't have to give/receive something to/from the opposite sex:

It's totally okay to send yourself flowers at work (what a show off) and bake a batch of heart-shaped brownies for your own enjoyment. Just consider it a "me" day.

Happy Valentine's Day

If you want these cool Valentine's Day cards to send to your crush/bf/gf/bff/ex, go HERE.

Who is actually sending/giving out Valentine's Day cards this year? Do you ever get too old?

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  1. It's funny cuz I was talking about delivering flowers to myself at work! LOL Happy Vday!




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