There they were: five gorgeous babes all in white tee's devouring burgers -- I was in aw. I was flustered. I was gawking at a free poster featuring the Backstreet Boys eating Burger King Whoppers that came with my subscription of Teen People. I was 14. I was in love.

Who here has actually experienced love at first sight? Be honest. I want to know. And none of that Catfish shit.

Having grown up and OUT of my BSB stage, it's hard to say whether or not this is a real thing or some made up Nicholas Sparks stuff.

What do you guys think? Is love at first sight possible?

Love at first sight can happen at any given moment and around every corner. A flirty glance and a playful smile could be the beginning of a love that lasts forever. Renowned director and screenwriter, Steven Antin, best known for his film Burlesque, directed this heartfelt and lighthearted story about a chance meeting between two strangers, which blossoms into a passionate fairy tale romance that eventually becomes everlasting love.



  1. Nope. Negative. Definitely believe in lust at first sight but love... I think love grows.

  2. I always say "it was love at first sight" when my boyfriend and I met. As soon as I laid eyes on him I said to myself, "he's going to be my boyfriend." And it must have been the same for him because he got my number from someone else after I left and texted me later that night. So I dont know! I feel like I knew somewhere in my heart that I COULD love him although obviously I couldn't know because I didn't even know him...but somewhere inside me, I felt it.

    Cheesy I know, but its true! lol

    1. Sweet story Deidre. I know the feeling--it's so hard to tell!

  3. I think it depends what you consider love, right? If you don't mean that forever kind of love (what is that anyway?) - then yeah, it totally exists. And happens all the time.

    I think if you consider love to be that butterfly feeling you get in your tummy when you lock eyes with someone & know you're both thinking the same thing, then definitely yes.




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