Definitely trust a guy who...

I know ya'll love the "Never Trust A Guy Who..." series, but in an effort to not sound so negative Nancy Drew in my effort to help you date the right people, I want you to stop focusing on the bad stuff and start focusing on the good stuff--at least for this post and then you can go back to focusing on the bad stuff.

So ladies, and gents, definitely trust a guy who...

Isn't perfect: just because he didn't go to Harvard, isn't a doctor or doesn't have a Nobel Peace Prize, doesn't mean he lacks depth, intelligence and can't speak a second language. Have you heard of Rosetta Stone? Pft, who needs grad school? I mean, how do you really relate to someone who's serious about wearing Armani Exchange anyway? Besides, the guy who graduated from ITT Tech and has a lucrative career that makes HIM happy might make you MORE happy than Mr. La Di Da Designer Pants.

Has a weird habit, laugh or nervous tendency: take a look in the mirror!

Has mom, dad, family issues, etc.: you're not always probably never going to find someone who's family tree looks like the Brady Bunch's so don't shame someone for not having a family history only TV Land could offer. He's probably a perfectly good guy anyway.

Didn't get you off the first time: maybe he was nervous or maybe he can't read your mind...duh...speak up!

Definitely trust a guy who...

Doesn't like the same weird shit you do: yes, it's a plus to meet someone who's into some of the things you like, but just because he's not a Yoko Ono fan (do you blame him?) or into juice cleanses doesn't mean he should be overlooked. Maybe he could teach you a thing or two about ... oh I don't know, non-Yoko music?

Isn't Mr. Rogers 24/7: remember that one day you got a ticket and/or that time you got a bad haircut--in the SAME week? Remember how you felt like you wanted to start tweeting your deepest emotions for the whole world to see (like those people you hate) and/or crawl into a pizza box before blanketing yourself with ranch dressing? Like you, he's human, so don't get turned off the minute his normally gummy smile and rainbow attitude is replaced with a frown and thunder storm outlook.

Isn't ignoring you: I know we like guys who disregard us, text us dick pics in the middle of the night and forget to write on our Facebook wall when it's our birthday, but maybe it's time to forget about bedroom eyes and go for the guy who actually pays attention to you. Unless of course he's absolutely not your type--something you found out AFTER giving him a chance.

Okay, so hopefully you take some of this seriously and start trusting guys you weren't going to.

I want to hear from GUYS and GIRLS: What are some normal, good traits you think get overlooked?

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  1. Is shy, I know they're not most women's ideal but the likelihood is if you give them long enough to come out of their shell they'll remember the effort you put in to them and try to repay you for it

  2. Like your post, "never trust a guy..." Love your post, "Definitely trust a guy...". I am newly divorced. Pretty happy about it, really. He fit in with "never trust a guy who... i think I will be a regular follower. Thanks for your insight!




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