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What’s great about Facebook is that you have every hot guy/girl in the world in the palm of your hand, literally. You can browse your friends friends and even the friends of their friends, but how do you make one of those hotties, who you’ve never met in real life, your friend/future lover? Here’s how:

Stop poking and start get-to-knowing: I know it’s fun to poke your crush on Facebook or “like” their photos to break the ice, but you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t start chatting (Creeper lesson 101: avoiding conversation and just “liking” photos of someone’s derriere and/or selfies doesn’t scream NORMAL). Facebook is such an easy ice breaker anyway because you can totally stalk the shit out of him/her, learn their interests and strike up a convo about gnomes or cats or whatever it is he/she likes.

Establish an online relationship: No, this doesn’t mean be together without ever really being together; I mean get comfortable with h/she. Pay attention to what you two talk about (as if you weren’t already) and establish an online friendship. People do it all the time but they call it “networking.” Er, sorta.

Play it cool: You guys aren’t FIRL (friends in real life, and yes, I made that up. YOLO), so be cool. Don’t wait around for a message, don’t read too much into pokes or comments, just be friends who have never met IRL, who have mutual friends in common. And if you don’t have mutual friends, just be strangers who want to see each other naked but are “networking” first.

Initiate a hangout: Okay, so you’ve been chatting online for how long (and hopefully you have Skyped or Face Timed or something)? Just hang out already! The worse thing that could happen is you get a “no,” in which case: delete! But really, you can’t be FICW (friends in cyber world) forever.

Move things forward: Now that you’re FIRL and you know he/she’s not really a teenage girl chatting you up from Poland (re: Catfish), you can move forward. Discuss where you want your relationship to go, and go there.

Change your status: Hold the hamburger phone! Only change it if you two have talked about this, do NOT change it if you haven’t.

Accept your fate: Sometimes none of this works. But I’m not Morgan Freeman narrating your life, I can’t make miracles happen. If you tried your damn hardest and uploaded the sexiest pics of yourself and he/she still doesn’t want to make it Facebook official, maybe it’s probably not meant to be. If it is, one day you two will be brought together like swans in a lake. It will be like a Nicolas Sparks novel or something, I promise.

***Remember, results vary. Just because you friend someone because you think they're cute doesn’t mean they will accept, so don’t get ahead of yourself!

Have you turned a Facebook friend into a boy/girlfriend?

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