Never trust a girl who...
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Is a slob: You know when you meet someone who seems super put-together, and then you go in their apartment and it looks like T.J.Maxx after Black Friday? Don’t trust her; even if she pulls the sexiest lingerie from a pile of her crap, there's absolutely nothing sexy about a messy person.

Never trust a girl who openly fights on Twitter. What’s on the internet is forever, like that LiveJournal you once blogged on, and besides, it’s unladylike to talk shit on social networks. And it's a lazy approach anyway, at least date a girl who's willing to meet on the black top and take care of business!

Makes you watch Twilight but won’t watch something you want to watch. How fucking rude.

Isn't sure who her baby daddy is.

Never trust a girl who orders a salad at a steak house. She will never be any fun, ever.

Never asks how YOU are! Jeez, the whole world doesn't revolve around her!

Doesn't vote: be a man and date a woman who stands for something other than fighting frizz.

Home-wrecked a family, aka, her nanny days are over.

Sepia tones and puts a fancy Instagram filter on every selfie she takes of herself. What does she really look like anyway?

“Likes” her ex’s photos and statuses’ on Facebook all the time.

Has “why does everyone think I’m a slut?” syndrome.

Types everything in Comic Sans font, and I mean everything: emails, blog posts, holiday cards, grocery lists - RUN!

Boys, have you ever dated a girl who had untrustworthy qualities? Do tell!


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  1. Sage advice, Jessica. Guys would do well to avoid borderlines and narcissists at all costs, no matter how pretty they look on the outside!

  2. TRUE!!! Except i didn't get "Type everything in Comic Sans font"??? how can you say thattt?? i do that but i ain't no slut!!!!! N i am proud of myself who i am, and i do respect every person, who is in my life.. including friend, family and that special someone.. !!! But i do like Comic Sans font..!!! So?? Elaborate??

    1. Terry! I'm not implying women (or men) who use that font are sluts (or man-whores). It's a design preference, or as Neel said below, a typography peeve. But of course, there are plenty of people it would never bother, just people like me ;).

  3. lol @ the comic sans. I think typographists agree that comic sans is one of the worst fonts ever. I think that bit was just a little jab at the font itself.

    I agree with many of the above, though being messy isn't really a problem with me. I'm pretty messy myself, and while it'd be nice to have a neater person around (because I like my S.O. to be someone that makes me a better person), I don't see that as a dealbreaker at all. The others are issues that I fortunately have not run into as yet.

    1. You're right, the jab at comic sans was a jab at the font itself. But I just couldn't be with someone who chooses that font seriously! ;) Thanks for the input!

  4. I once had a gf that was highly insecure, but was into nude photography. Some of it was really nice. The "don't date a girl who" comes in when she wouldn't let me watch commercials on TV that might have a woman in it, or a TV show with a woman in it, when she was online talking to other nude models, many of them men. yeah.... After I finally got rid of her, I was cleaning out my computer, and found she had a TON of photos of women in sensual positions.... I swear there were so many flags about why I shouldn't have dated her....

  5. haha these are great. I pretty much agree with all of them. I think this needs to be followed by another installment of "never trust a guy who" :)

  6. aww.. it seems to me one of those love stories from complicated romance movies.. don't worry.. you are both meant to be together :)

  7. Great article. I really enjoyed reading it. Untrustworthy qualities ... When a women don`t trust anybody and don`t have any friends that would be a good point.




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