couple hugging

It's Wednesday and I don't have much to say about love, life, dating, sex, uneven boobs, or the shirtless guy I saw yesterday standing on the shoulder of the freeway wearing white framed sunglasses and shorts sagging like it was 1996. So here's something for people who don't feel like reading.

couple making out

cute couple

vintage couple on bikes

couple kissing

couple making out

couple holding hands

No Church in the Wild

french kissing
HBO Girls Adam

vintage couple sex

alec baldwin beetlejuice

couple in love
couple making out on bed vintage

johnny depp winona ryder dating

will smith fresh prince of bel air


vintage ass grab

couple on lunch date

couple blowing smoke into each others mouths

bill clinton porn stars
retro couple kim kardashian kanye west dating

Kanye West - Mercy
Kim kardashian kanye west dating
They do look like they enjoy each others company...

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  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH GIRLS!!!!!! That show is absolutely perfect.

  2. Yeah, me too! The writing is great!

  3. I have been trying to get Girls over here in France... I end up getting annoyed and having a tantrum before I solve the problem. This post was just what I needed today... no words... pretty things... GREAT... thanks. Love Elle xo

  4. You have to watch it online or something! It's so good!




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