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Never trust a guy who doesn't tip and/or doesn't tip servers well. Tipping is a sign of politeness and gratitude and if he can’t find it in himself to tip someone who keeps his eight glasses of Dr. Pepper full – lite ice – he’s never going to be grateful for the things you do. The more you know.

Never trust a guy who hands out his business card at a bar on a Friday night. Who does he think he is, the Don Juan of Wall Street?

Never trust a guy who makes a quick judgment about ANY of your friends or family members (especially if you just started dating!). Even if your brother is a prejudice asshole who wears too much cologne, that's for you to say, not him. 

Never trust a guy who's Facebook profile photos have a different girl in each one. He doesn’t just "happen" to be surrounded by beautiful women all the time, it's either a rolodex of ex-girlfriends or a rolodex of girls he doesn't really know, but thinks are hot and would like to know, so he gave them a dollar for a photo. And then they walked away.

Never trust a guy who uses a MySpace, still

Never trust a guy who changed his screen name on a social network that dubs him king of something. IE: BeerPongPrince, TheWomanMaster or BestontheWest – I'm going to stop now because I'm making myself sick.

Never trust a guy who wears Hawaiian shirts unless he's Tommy Bahama or your Dad. Do I really need to give you a reason?

Never trust a guy who "likes" photos of girls in pasties on their spring break on Facebook. You don’t want to be with someone who does things like that. Everyone can see that activity and that’s just embarrassing, come on now.

Never trust a guy who initiates contact with you by poking on Facebook. Unless all you want is a relationship full of poking, theoretically and physically, then I guess you can trust him.

Never trust a guy who has all his information hidden on Facebook and don't give me that "but he's just private" bull. How strange is it that you can't see his friends, his comments, his photos, his information, his everything? What's he doing on there? Who’s he poking? What's he hiding?



  1. "Even if your brother is a prejudice asshole who wears too much cologne, that's for you to say, not him." This sentence alone hahaha

  2. Hahaha, love every single one of these. And I agree with every one of them!

  3. @Dip and Chip, glad to be of service and thank you for reading!

  4. Lol I agree with most of this, especially with the pocking guy. Eww.
    Bust as for the guy who hides things on his profile, it might be justified. For example, I have a friend who is a professional soccer player in Europe and for privacy issues and because somebody has been faking his account on Facebook, he had to make lots of things invisible even to his friends because you never know who is the person in your circle using your data. You can still see his updates and read his comments but things like photos, friends and personal information are not accessible.

  5. hahaaa I love this so much. All true. Just hard to find it seems!
    Jas xo

  6. Hahahaha this is great. And all too true. ESPECIALLY the tipping one. I briefly dated someone who didn't tip well...turned out to be exactly like that!

    Check out my blog! :)

  7. @Jas thanks!

    @cheerfulchick not tipping well is just a big no no!

  8. so what. if i absolutely hate the service at a restaurant i have to leave a good tip ?
    you people are stupid and overly picky and celfcentered.




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