friends advice on who you date
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Do your friends opinions really matter?

Hell fucking yeah they do.

How many times have your friends rolled their eyes when you mention your girlfriend who’s cheated on you twice? How many times do your friends listen in complete silence while you gush about your boyfriend who has a history of getting wasted and then drunk dialing his dentist, punching a bartender and getting a few numbers from sorority chicks before ending up in jail for the night?

You're so infatuated, though.

When you date someone, it's as if the world is one big cupcake and you're just jumpin’ on the icing like it’s a giant trampoline – there are sprinkles flyin' everywhere and your feet are covered in sugar, but you don’t care. You're oohing and ahhing at kitschy bullshit that's heart-shaped and in the same color family as red and you’ve been humming “kiss from a rose” by Seal for two weeks.

You are SO infatuated.

But what if this person isn't that great? Yeah, maybe she listens to you when you tell stories (good in bed) and yeah, maybe he opens the car door and gives you his jacket when it's cold out (good in bed), but what about the times this person made you feel nauseated and did things you swore "if anyone ever did that to me, I’d leave their ass."

It happens to everyone, but where you go wrong is when you stop listening to your friends.

Don't you care that your friends or family don't enjoy being around this person? Don't you care that when you invite them over to your house for Monopoly night they say they’re busy, but they’re really at home tweeting about a Double Dare marathon that’s on?

I care. I care that you don't care.

I care because your friends should love the person you're infatuated with. And no, don't tell me you don't care about what anyone thinks, shut up. You're an adult and as long as you live, you're always going to need a support group in your life (family, friends, co-workers - your nail lady - whoever). On nights when you find out your boyfriend is flirting with some hoe bag on Facebook, again, who are you going to call? Your friends, duh. But they can only take so much. They can only take so much before they start rolling their eyes and sitting in silence. Advice and care will stop and you definitely don't want to lose friends over a girl who didn’t know North America was a continent (good in bed).

You're better than that.

Listen to your friends because they're right. I know you're in love and you care about that person, but if your friends keep repeating the same things over and over and over again, it's not because they are spineless jerks who don't get along with anyone (they get along with YOU) and want you to be miserable, it's because they don't want to see you hurting, okay?

So take what they say into consideration, and live a healthy lifestyle, emotionally.


  1. I got a kick out of this post :)

    I think the funnies thing you said was:

    She may also become extra needy since she doesn't have a good friend to talk to about her period and stuff. The more you know. Just letting you know.


  2. Angie, I'm glad you got a kick out of that, thank you!! :]




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