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There’s that moment when you’re having a bad day or something terrible happened and the first person you think to go to is that person who swooned you persistently with witty lines and compliments that made you blush for days. You go to this person who you’ve invested so much time in and have let your heart grow so big for in hopes of moral support  or at least a kiss on the forehead and all you get in response is “I’m sorry.” There's no further inquiry as to what happened, if you’re okay or what they can do for you; this person doesn't run to you for a make-it-better hug because they care about you. They truly, deeply, care about you and your well-being.

This super awesome person will keep showing you how much he or she cares because that's what they do best: caring.

When you plan something you’re interested in doing and this someone says “that sounds good," and then you meet up and this someone asks “did you really want to do that?” with a slightly audible expression on his/her face that says “I don’t really want to," it's because they care about you, for sure.

When you drive home late at night and this type of person doesn’t make sure you got there safe, it's because they care about you. 

When you text this person asking how their day was or are sending a funny story -- like they text you all day, err day -- and they don't respond until the next morning saying something idiotic like "sorry, I thought I sent that," or flat out lies to you by saying "I fell asleep," they're telling the truth and they're telling the truth because why would they lie to someone they care about? Yet this person was visibly online the night before updating social networks after ending the conversation you were having all day.

This person cares about you when you drunk text him/her your deepest, horniest secrets, because when you’re drunk, all you want is more of this person; however, when they’re drunk, you don’t hear from them until the next morning when they’re telling you how hung-over they feel from the night before.

This person cares about you when you have sex by not pleasing you or making sure you're getting off. Regardless of what feels good for you, they only fuck you the way it feels good for them, because they care about you.

This person cares about you when they don't even muster the energy to hug or kiss you back when you're leaving their house in the morning and instead, they just lay there and say goodbye. There's SO much love and respect there. 

This person cares about you when they're the designated driver and they don't think to stop drinking because you're in the passenger seat. Because heaven forbid they have one night when they have to do something for someone else, someone they care about. 

This person really cares about you when they’re fine not seeing you for almost two weeks, but never mind the fact that you’re dying inside but trying to play it cool because you don’t want them to know how badly you want to jump their bones and kiss them. Because how dare you risk looking like a fool in deep emotions over someone who cares about you every two weeks or whenever they feel like it.

This person is showing they care about you when you have sex and afterward, they throw your pants at you saying "you might need these." Not to mention the fact that they didn't get you off. But this person cares about you, so what does it matter, as long as they're happy, right?

P.S. This person doesn't care about you.


  1. This person sounds like a man-child. And this blogger sounds like someone who is hoping the man-child will read it. Unfortunately, it's only serving to make you look worse, girl. he's not even worth the attention- let alone public acknowledgement. Leave him in the dust, honey.

    PS- I'm sorry you'll be walking away from such a quality person.
    But I have a hunch you'll be ok. ;)

  2. Thanks for reading Jorah Day.

    Believe me, all people mentioned on this website whether by me or contributors are people of the past and to be read as thought provoking or for fun and especially with sarcasm in mind.

    And yes, the people (this is not solely focused on one person) mentioned in this are man-childs. Dating is about living and learning and this blog is about talking about it :)




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