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Relationships can be sticky. There are up’s and down’s and all kinds of fun things that need work to make it work. I want everyone to succeed with the people they care about so I'm here to address lying today.

Throw ya hands in the ayerrr if you like being lied to. Anyone? I didn't think so.

Nobody likes to be lied to – whether it’s a friend, an acquaintance, your dentist – you just don’t. And you especially don’t like being lied to by someone you’ve invested all those lovey dovey  feelings in.

Take this guy D'mare for instance who believes lying can make “women go freakin' cuckoo crazy,” and yeah, he has a point.

He says you have to choose the lesser of the two evils: you can either have a nice adult conversation about the issue at hand, tell him or her you’re wanted for murder and only piss them off a little, or you can lie to them and deal with the fun repercussions later.

So why do women go freakin’ cuckoo crazy when they’re lied to yelling things like “there will be blood?”

First of all, people always find out when they’re lied to. It doesn’t matter how or who told them, just know that unless you hired someone to erase what happened, they will find out. And then whey they find out you lied, shoooot, you better run because you officially hurt someone - you withheld the truth and betrayed that person for whatever reason you had - and they’re not going to be happy about that.

And now that you hurt that person, there's going to be a lot of trust issues that spring up. I mean, you freakin’ lied, what did you expect?

You might want to prepare for fighting too, and if it's about something really bad, you might want to prepare for breaking up. Yeah, ouch.

Oh, and don't forget about animosity. She/he might get over it temporarily, but bring it up later and mutter things to you with a whole lot of attitude, possible snapping of the fingers and neck and eye rolls.

It’s just not very polite.

How can you base a relationship off lies anyway? That's no fun for anyone involved. You’ll be all jittery and shit (unless you have no soul).

So no more "wass wrong baby?" when your woman is mad that you lied. I told you why.

PS. Never mind what D'mare said at the end of that video. D'mare talkin' cuckoo talk. 


  1. I get mad if my boy bluffs when we play poker together, I am definitely one of those 'cuckoo' brawds! Elle xo

  2. I don't like being lied to, especially when the lies came from the person whom I trust so much, I don't know if I can deal with it.

  3. @ Beck: no one likes it! How can you trust someone after they lie?

    @ Elle: if you're cuckoo, we all are!




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