Miranda Kerr, guys you shouldn't date

Sometimes in life, we fall for the types of guys who we really shouldn't fall for: guys who are anti-relationship, serial cheaters, the keg stand king, etc. And then when they hurt us we sit on the computer blogging about it asking "Whyyyy???!!" and reading our horoscope searching for an answer. Don't lie.

Even though we discover their personality as we fall for them, we want still them to commit to us. Why? Because we're human and humans do things that don't make sense like leaving a sip of O.J. in the carton when we could have poured it into our glass or thrown it out.

So ladies, here's a list of men you don't really want to commit to, even though you think do because they have cute dimples or something:

1. The horny ladies man: This guy hits on everything with boobs; you already know this because he hit on you, right? He's not good at committing because he's still in that college, ya-ya-phase where girls are like toys and every time he sees a new one, he wants to put his grubby man-paws all over it. Take it from someone who saw someone she dated recently tweet "it's so hard to pick up chicks on Twitter." Yeah, about that. You don't really want that type of guy on your resume. 

2. The broken heart: He's not healed, he's still into his ex and even though he occasionally calls her a bitch, he definitely still wonders if she's dating anyone. You guys may have chemistry and he may flirt with you, but back off and let him heal because until he does, he most likely won't open up to you in fear of getting hurt again.

3. The financially unstable guy: Most guys (who are decent, upstanding human beings) who aren't financially stable aren't comfortable asking a girl out, taking her out or pursuing her. Why? Because no girl wants to have a first date at KFC, and he knows that. Some guys feel that money issues are a huge issue in dating and won't date you because of it. He's not going to be "in it" until he's comfortable. 

4. Mr. Stud muffin: He knows he's hot, he knows he can get whoever he wants and he knows his smile gets him places. Of course, to generalize that all the Ryan Reynolds of this world are like this is wrong, but I can guarantee if he knows he can get whatever he wants, he will probably want to ride the dating train for a long time. Unless he's confessing his undying love for you, he will be hard to tame.  

5. The workaholic: he loves his job more than you, it’s fair and simple. He's a workaholic because he likes his job, he likes the status of “I have my own parking spot” and he wants to make money, lots of money. Having time to commit to a PYT like you isn't number one on his to-do list. And you know you need to see a guy more than once every two weeks and when you do see him, you don't want to just talk about work or see him on his lunch break. Admit it. 

6. The narcissist: He cares way too much about his own image and if you don't fit his mold of idealism, you're going to spend countless minutes trying to live up to his expectations when his expectations don't even matter because he will never care as much about you as he does about himself. Phew. Did you get that? 

Cute dimples or not, you're not going to get what you need from someone who isn't meant to be in a relationship, isn't ready or not mature enough. 


  1. Soooo true! That is why I avoid those kind of guys. I just smile, maybe flirt back a little, but I let them know from day 1 that there won't be a "thing" going on between us, and that he might as well move to the next "target".

  2. Glad you're aware! Some just aren't... but, we're human and I've fallen for some of these numbers. :/

  3. I have definitely dated at least 5 of the 6 ... and fell for at least 4 of those qualities... in one boy! Love = FAIL. You'd think one of those qualities would be a warning sign, but to cling onto a boy who depicts four personality traits that are obvious no nos for two whole years really brings me into the judgement spotlight more than him! Sheesh! Love Elle xo

  4. if only we could commit this to memory...

    damn those guys that have cute dimples. damn them.

  5. I am guilty of falling for the majority of this list.

  6. Live and learn! And I am too Monica! That's life.

  7. Momma's boys are no bueno as well. A man should respect his Mom, but there is a fine line.

  8. Good point Breanna: fine line, but not okay... that can be #7

  9. That was a very good post! and yes, Brenna, that is so true, I have been there before!

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