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When you meet someone you click with, it’s like a flock of doves form a perfect heart in the sky. It’s like bells ring and you just want to do crazy things like shout from mountain tops. Well, don’t.

There are things that can ruin a perfectly good thing way before it even begins. TRUST ME. This is me, helping you: I want you to succeed, and quite frankly, I want to end this behavior.

How you will lose a girl in 10 days:

1. Sharing too much too soon: You just met, there’s no need to disclose how bad your day is or how much you hate your boss in the beginning. The last thing a girl wants is a big cry baby. Yes, we all have problems, but when you date someone new, things should be a little light and fun. Too much whining is a signal that you need a lot of consoling, and we're looking for a bf, not a child we have to mother.

2. Being clingy: Texting, calling, emailing, and Facebooking too much signals signs of neediness and codependency, two wrongs that don’t make a right. Just like men, women like the chase. If you’re in constant contact with us, there’s nothing there for us to guess about you. We want to wonder where you are. We want to wonder who you’re with. We like to wonder and if you're all up in our business, we can't do that. Things can burn out quickly if you’re talking too much in the beginning; take it slow. What’s the rush? Life isn’t THAT short.

3. Being negative: I don’t care if you have a constant rain cloud over your head, put up a front if you want to get a second or third date. You might be thinking that you should just get it all out there right away, but don’t. Like I said in #1, light n' fun. And hey, maybe all that positive thinking will help you out?

4. Talking about your ex: Ugh. It’s too soon to be talking about your ex or the ex before that. I didn’t ask and we weren’t talking about who we’ve dated. There’s no need to casually throw in “my ex had a Honda” or “my ex was a dancer.” A lot of people have Honda’s and a lot of people dance, not just your ex. Why ruin something new by talking about something old?

5. Over-sharing how much you like us too soon: It’s nice and flattering, but sometimes it can be a killer. Girls like to hear that we're pretty and cool and stuff, but smothering us with how MUCH you like us too soon is just…no. It’s infatuation, not love. Down boy!

6. Getting really, really drunk: #5 WILL happen and it will happen all over the place. It will happen in a doorway, on a couch and outside your car and when you finally realize why she isn't texting you back the next day, you will be embarrassed.

7. Begging: Never beg a girl to hang out. If she says she’s busy, she is (she IS). If she says she’s a lesbian, she isn’t (she’s a LIAR).

8. Admitting bad habits or information about yourself: Telling a girl you can’t save money, you eat with your hands or you have 10 speeding tickets is not so cute. Those are forgivable things once we get to know you and decide we want to throw you against a wall and have our way with you, but before that, there’s no chance.

I hope this helps. Don’t forget girls are just as bad, but there’s a movie about that already so this blog is totally justifiable.


  1. Yeah...I'm guilty of some of these things. The worst is when you know you're doing it, but you can't seem to stop yourself.

  2. Amen. That's all that needs to be said. A-fucking-MEN

  3. Excellent advice and you're right -- girls are just as bad! I hope both sexes are paying attention. It will prevent a lot of heartache.

  4. Is it bad that my potential guy is guilty of most of these...but not so much so that it bothers me. Except for #4. Sometimes in conversations he'll randomly say "I used to date this girl that... or I once had a gf that." He's said it a few times and had clearly dated more than I have...eekk.

  5. This is an excellent list! I agree with all of them, but #3 is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you're negative all the time, I don't want to be around you. I've been on dates with guys like that and I feel like I would have rather been home on my couch watching tv! lol

  6. First post I've read from your blog, the title stuck out and my curiosity was stricken! It just made me laugh, a lot! Love it! Will continue reading!




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