Jersey Shore, The Situation

Don't bang your head into a wall that is pure brick and mortar because it will cut into your GTL'ing for ten days.

You don't always have to be tough, you gotta be real when you hurt (in reference to neck pain) and the gym will get you out of that remorseful, bridge-burning mess that you got into, dude.

If you walk by a church, wear more clothing.

God doesn't make all boobs.

An ultimate Guido toolbag wears headbands, tracksuits and/or Chapstick.

Vinny Guadagnino has his therapy license and knows what's up.

There are a lot of bitchy girls at Club 21, at night. It's just so annoying. Everybody just get away.

Snookie has feelings too and just wants to be loved.

A hickey from your "sister," isn't a hickey from your "sister."

An addiction to your Italian boyfriend’s penis is far worse than an addiction to heroine.

Intervention means that you're like, fucked up and you need help.

Friends don't let everything be cheese and daisies when things are bad.


  1. This list should be included with the set of dvds from this season... or all of them.

  2. I just watched this for the first time last night as there was nothing else on, although I watched episode 2 as England is a few weeks behind US programes and I felt so sorry for sookie (I think this was her name) when she spoke to her boyfriend (I think) on the phone because he was so nasty to her it was like he thought he owned her and like he only cared about himself. So she didn't call you for one night so what grow up and treat her as a person, an equal and as an idividual not a thing you think you own but as a person who is perfectly capable of making her own choices she is an adult so treat here like one. I think her boyfriend sounds really possesive and like her want to be in control of her did anyone else think this or was it just me?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this -Aaron

  3. LOL! Omg I love you for this post. Awesome blog! New follower :)





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