1. The elevator door opening in the lobby to let 13 people get off, but the 45 people wanting to get on can't wait for us to exit. So they try to get on as we’re exiting. It just doesn’t work like that.

2. Greek week. Greek week. Greek week. Greek week. I don't want to join your Greek week.

3. Walking into an advisors office (true story), sitting down at her desk (won't name names) to ask ONE question about some paperwork. She wags her finger in my face. "Hold on." Picks up her phone. "Yeah hi. I am great and Oh, I found out my foot is fine. It's broken. The doctor said I just need to rest but the x-ray was no fun." Three minutes later. "Anyway, I have a student here....." I wish I were lying.

4. Not knowing if the hot guy on the bench next to you is 18 or in his twenties. You should label yourselves.

5. Togos. What the hell is up with my campus being so obsessed with Togos? It's everywhere. Every. Where. I don't want sandwiches anymore. I don't want cold cuts. I don’t want to be asked if I want pickles.

6. Every computer being occupied for Facebook chat and Farmville (do people even play that anymore or is that so last semester?) when I need to print off a 27-page-paper because my printer exploded the night before and class starts in three minutes.

7. I Walk into an office to turn in papers—just to turn in papers—and the receptionist is on her cell phone talking to someone about her kids playground at school for two minutes. Looks up and winks. Mouths that "she's sorry." Sad face. Hangs up. I hand her papers. Blank stares. I exit.

8. Having a hot professor who refuses to break the law and hit on his student. Don’t act like you didn’t think about it fellow female students.

9. Biker's running me over on campus because they feel it necessary to bike over grassy knolls where I walk to avoid sidewalks, where they belong.

10. Getting told something didn't transfer, something didn't count, something no longer exists, or something costs another $90 because they increased the price. Five minutes ago. And the sign is on the front door.


  1. LOL I've loved your writing style for awhile, so today I finally decided to comment. Sorry for the delay! :) But you're awesome!

  2. - Introducing yourself in every class at the beginning of every semester even though most of us knew each other after the first few classes (and didn't care for each other at all).

    - The one person in every class (usually the same person in multiple classes) who couldn't help but make a comment or ask a question after every thing the professor said.

    - Sitting in my room while everyone else in the house parties because omg I have to get this paper done before tomorrow it due it can't be late omg. Then going into class to a professor who forgot the paper was due and extends the deadline. Or the professor doesn't show up at all.

    - When the elementary/high schools get a snow day and I have to somehow make it to school in the same blizzardy conditions. On public transportation. When bus drivers are on strike.

  3. Ahh number 6 I haaaate! When you need to do actual work and computers are occupied by people fb stalking or mindlessly roaming the internet, so annoying!
    One thing I won't miss when I graduate are 9am lectures that we have with this one lecturere who is a bit too happy at 9 in the morning while everyone is trying to stay awake!

  4. #4 is my life. I graduated a year ago but work on a college campus. I wish I could I.D. every [hot] guy that walks by. I bet most of them are freshmen.

  5. I cant wait til I can compile a list about what I hate about university. :/

    The computers thing is so annoying. Uni computers arent for pissing about on social network sites.

  6. You're seriously making me rethink going back to school to advance my education. Yikes!

  7. Um...yes. I agree. To all of it.




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