Hey Eric,

Why would I think it's creepy that you saw me on your friends profile and felt the need to lurk my page and then ask me out over a social network when we never met? Isn't that what Facebook is for anyway? Making friends, bringing people together and hitting on strangers?

Why would I think it's creepy you have two girls in your picture that you probably a) are not related to; b) met at a frat party; c) think you can get with; d) never met before or after that night?

Why would I think it's creepy that you think by looking at my basically private profile that I have a good head on my shoulders?

Hell yeah I am down to get drinks! When and where? Because I too want to be glued to your right or left side like a trophy in your user pic. Let's do this. Pick a time and a place.

Get at me boyfrien'!


  1. hahaha...Some dudes have no shame.

  2. This is hilarious!! Its so cringe-worthy when people do this!

  3. i love that your facebook profile is basically part...haha

  4. hahaha did you even have any friends in common?

  5. Those are the worst. I just ignore them when I get the messages.

  6. @Katie... i did. that's the sad truth.

  7. This post made me laugh. Guys like that are, in my opinion, disgraceful. But anyway, thanks for the giggles.

  8. ...that guy is truly a dumbass at the art of "getting into someones pants"




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