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Sometimes, sometimes, I find solstice in people I've dated; along with humor, nausea and depression. It's never easy being subtly reminded of that guy who never noticed you in 11th grade when you come across an old yearbook (see: teenage angst). Or seeing someone you were infatuated with go from you to someone new in a week over a stupid social network (see: hiding, deleting and no-good for you).

I don't enjoy being catapulted back to a time when happiness was relayed in who was asking you to prom only to find six years later, they now want to ask you to dinner after they retained the freshman 15 before dropping out of college (see: ship has sailed). No thanks.

I do, however, find that I learn a lot from these people of the past. Whether or not it's after I see an annoying status update putting their childish antics into perspective or it's just seeing the light at the end of the aforementioned tunnel; I kind of owe a huge thanks to them. Kind of.

1. There's always going to be that person it just never worked out with. Even though at the time, you thought the world of him or her (probably based off something dumb like the fact that you both loved orange sherbet ice cream). For whatever reason, it just never came to be. You ask yourself why, why, why and go over scenarios but to no avail. If something wasn't right, it wasn't meant. Just trust me.

2. The person who cheated on you, treated you like complete shit, or was just a huge dumbass and/or raging bitch (or all of the above) will always hold that special voodoo doll place in your heart, complete with pins and needles, but looking back, you can see the signs. You can see the red, burgundy and magenta flags. Now you know what to look for in the future as well as when to get the hell of there.

3. The one with the crush on you. This is the one who liked you but you didn't like them. It took convincing yourself and a few gin and tonics to finally see a future with this person (see: desperation, lonely, no back-bone, ego boosting self-depreciating adulterer). There's nothing more frat-like than stringing along someone who you know you wouldn't normally go for or don't feel deeply for. You don’t even like guys who wear polo shirts! Get real. Set them free. And hey, you never know what you were missing all along.

4. The one who "broke your heart." You think you're going to die. You think you're going to become a lonely old maid who drinks Ovaltine before going to Bingo every Tuesday. But really, you dipped your toes in the pond (see: awesome alliterations) and now you should be a fearless female/male. It's about learning, living, growing and loving. You name it.

So stop blaming and start thanking.


  1. you basically just covered the main characters in my blog. well put.

  2. Just remember the wise words of Jay Z:
    On to the next one!




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