To the shirtless guy with no head:

Wow to you too.

This has to be the nicest yet most erotic message I have ever received on Facebook.


Where did you learn how to talk to women? Also, where did you get those white jeans?

How am I single you ask? Only because I've been waiting for a man of your stature and charm to come along. Lucky me, the day has finally come.

I was going to blur your picture too but I think your tan muscles should be shared with the world.

I want women everywhere to see what I will soon have in my arms. They are going to be so jealous.

So, do you want to meet up somewhere dark and mysterious and talk about romantic things? I've always wanted to be tamed.


  1. ewwww! I've gotten random dude msgs on Facebook, but never that..uh..poetic...

  2. Bahahaha. That is the greatest message ever. I wonder how often that works for him.

    My guess is upwards of 100% of the time.

  3. Wow is right. What a weirdo. I thought randoms aren't able to send you a private message unless you add them?

  4. Hahaha. That's great. And horrible. Has that worked with people before? Why else would people think that it worked? Oh man...

  5. What is it about headless guys and flirting on Facebook? I read in the newspaper yesterday that you need a head to live, but apparently that's not the case anymore with headless guy messaging you and all.

  6. Is it bad that I started laughing my head off and then realized that this guy just might know...serious? This guy can provide plenty of ridiculous and hilarious blog material though.

  7. LOVE THIS! It's right about there with the guys that yell "Yeeee" when you walk by them.. or maybe that just happens in the bay area and sacramento??

  8. @madison yes that's just the bay urrea that has the yeee ha.. but don't worry, i know what you're talking about.




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